Notes, hints and recommendations for the use of Zeolith Pur

In order for the effect of Zeolith Pur to unfold properly, please follow our instructions for use and dosage. 

Convince yourself of the quality of Zeolith Pur: You will receive the zeolite powder in two practical and shapely containers made of light-proof violet glass, each containing 180 grams. We recommend taking 3 to 10 grams daily – 3 grams correspond to one level teaspoon. Dissolve the powder in sufficient water and always drink in sips. Keep each sip in your mouth for 10–30 seconds before swallowing, until it is all drunk. One violet glass jar of 180 grams is equivalent to an adult’s average daily requirement of 6 grams for one month.


Recommended dosage

Adults (weight: from 50 kg)
Up to 3 x daily 1 level teaspoon of 3 g each
Children (weight 10-50 kg)
Up to 2 x daily 1/2 level teaspoon of 1.5 g
Infants (weight: 2-10 kg)
Up to 2 x daily 1/2 level espresso spoon à 0.5 g

Intake: Take in the morning and evening before meals (30-60 min) or alternatively in the evening before going to bed. Please use a plastic or wooden spoon – no metal! Zeolith Pur can be used permanently.

Please drink enough good and pure drinking water so that the bound pollutants can be transported out of the body. Good, commercially available drinking waters are e.g. the brands Lauretana, Plose and Black Forest. In the long run, cheaper and with water activation & energization is an osmosis water filter system such as AQUNA Osmose Light.


Zeolith Pur von Trimedea