Nasal spray based on colloidal metals works immediately, is gentle on the nasal mucosa and is not addictive

The best solution for a blocked nose is a spray of three colloidal metals that works immediately and does not lead to addictions. Silver, cobalt, zinc – that’s it: it comes without any other additives that often damage the mucous membranes in the long term.

If the nasal mucosa is swollen and free breathing through the nose is impaired, just one spray will ensure free breathing. Even if allergies are the cause – such as against mites, dust, pollen, cat or other animal hair – this nasal spray works within seconds in most cases. Even stubborn forms of sinusitis that have to be treated with cortisone according to conventional medicine can often be permanently relieved with colloidal metal nasal spray.

The individual colloidal metals, produced with 10,000 volts in the high-voltage plasma process, act synergistically and take into account important metabolic processes:

  • Colloidal Silver: anti-inflammatory, decongestant, analgesic and for allergic reactions.
  • Colloidal Cobalt: for allergic causes, bioavailable vitamin B12 / cobalamin
  • Colloidal Zinc: strengthens immune function, protects and builds up mucous membranes
Nasenspray von Trimedea

Application of the nasal spray

The application is very simple: As with normal nasal sprays, you give 1 to 2 sprays into each nostril and repeat the process several times a day if necessary. Even with long-term use, the mucous membranes are not damaged or irritated. Addictions cannot develop with these unique nose drops made exclusively from colloidal metals.

The application is suitable for children as well as for adolescents, adults and seniors. The drops should be used up within 3 months.

30ml bottle, ingredients: double distilled UMH-activated water, colloidal metals silver, cobalt, zinc