Notes, hints and recommendations for the application of colloidal metals

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In order for the effect of Trimedea colloidal metals to unfold properly, please follow our instructions and tips on application, dosage and storage. 

We advise beginners to quickly fill up their body’s own reserves: The best way to start is with the Booster Starter Set. On the one hand, it serves to get to know our products and their quality, on the other hand, it serves to quickly fill up the important “brain metals” gold and platinum. Because our brain is our highest control centre, which regulates all systems and organs.

You can consume the enclosed one-litre bottle of gold or platinum in 7 to 10 days (= 70-100 ml per day in 2-3 partial doses, left in the mouth for 2-5 minutes), so that the level in the body is raised quickly.

When the level is reached, continue with a maintaining dose. However, this is very individual*: The more natural and unadulterated the food, the better the soil in which the food is grown, the fewer colloids need to be supplied. More on this under the heading: More binding recommendations.


Application of colloidal metals (all types)

Especially at low concentrations (5-10 ppm) and small particle size (< 20 nm), colloidal metals have proven to be very effective. It is optimal to keep the liquid in the mouth for 2 to 5 minutes so that the colloid particles can migrate directly into the blood via the oral mucosa. Due to the electrical charge, a plastic or wooden spoon (no metal!) or a measuring glass (40 ml) should be used as a dosing aid.

Externally, the colloids can be applied to the crook of the arm or applied to the wrist (e.g. in the case of small children). Similarly, you can spray thinly on the affected areas of the body with a spray bottle. For internal applications, spray the liquid into the mouth with the spray dispenser. In this way, the colloids are absorbed directly through the oral mucosa.

For pets, simply add the colloids to the drinking water. For injury, pain or skin problems, spray them directly on.


Dosage recommendations for all colloidal metals*

2 x daily 1 tbsp (each approx. 15-30 ml)
2 x daily 1-2 tsp (each approx. 5-15 ml)
Small children
2 x daily 1/2 to 1 tsp (each approx. 3-10 ml)

Take each morning and evening before meals. Real colloids can not be overdosed, because excess particles are excreted. Deposits in the tissues do not take place.

Important note

There should be at least 15-30 minutes between the ingestion of different colloids. Gold should not be taken in the late evening as it has an activating effect. Colloids – unlike other dosage forms – do not compete with other elements during their absorption. They also do not influence their counterparts and can therefore be taken one after the other. Opened bottles should be used up within 30 to 60 days! When bottles are opened, air can get into the bottle, and the suspended matter and particles in the air can react with some of the catalytically active/highly active metals. These can be filtered out with an unbleached coffee filter.

What do colloids taste like?

Neutral, after pure water, in exceptional cases slightly metallic, but very rare at our concentrations of 5-10 ppm.

Taking colloids with metal braces and implants

The surface of metal parts such as braces, dentures or fillings is relatively small compared to the volume of the oral cavity, therefore completely harmless. Ingestion with a metal spoon, on the other hand, is not advisable, because the surface of a metal spoon is much larger.

You can take the colloidal metals by

a) swallowing them immediately so that the contact of the colloids with the metal parts is as short as possible or
b) keeping them in your mouth for 10 seconds, so that some of the colloids can be absorbed directly through the mucous membrane of your mouth, and then swallowing them

If you swallow the colloids immediately, the colloids pass through the stomach, intestines into the blood and are then finely distributed throughout the body. The colloids are electrically neutral (unlike ionic solutions, which are produced by electrolysis!). On their way through the body they do not react and do not form compounds with other elements (food supplements, food, liquids etc.). Only when the colloids are finely distributed in the body are the metal ions gradually released over a longer period of time (hours, days, weeks up to months), which then react on the spot in the metabolism and enable chemical reactions.

Transport and storage of colloidal metals

Do not place the bottles near electromagnetic sources, electric lines and devices, e.g. sockets, microwaves, induction stoves, etc. Ensure a minimum distance of one meter. It is best to store your colloidal metals e.g. in a pantry, in a cellar that is not too cold. A dark place at room temperature is optimal.

Important: Do not bring into contact with metal. Therefore, in any case, do not use a metal spoon for ingestion. Drinking directly from the bottle may cause contamination, so we recommend taking with a plastic spoon or a measuring glass. Alternatively, you can also use our spray bottle.

Once opened, shelf life is 12 months. After that, the colloid remains edible – only the effectiveness may be slightly reduced.

Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental increased intake: Do not worry – real colloids do not deposit in the body and do not form compounds.

Deposits in colloidal metals

Colloidal metals from Trimedea are always produced fresh after the order and are absolutely pure. However, after opening the bottle, air – including the dirt particles contained there – gets into the bottle. So every time colloidal gold or other colloidal metals are poured out and ingested. Some gold particles can react with these “dust particles” in the air, as the colloids are catalytically very active. This is completely unproblematic and only becomes visible when they reach a certain size. These particles are then found in the bottom area of the bottle. With a coffee filter (unbleached), these particles can be easily filtered out.

Depending on the storage location (power lines, sockets), storage temperature or other energetic influences (proximity of induction cooker, microwave, Wifi router, etc.), clustering of particles (several particles join together to form larger ones) can also occur, as energy is “sucked out” by the colloidal metal particles. Simply filter out these small particles. This way, the high quality remains guaranteed.

*There can be no more binding recommendations, because every person has​:

  • different eating habits
  • different physical conditions and activities
  • different family, professional and social environments
  • individual deficiencies or deficiency symptoms due to regional differences in the nutrient content of foods

This can be generalized statistically – but does not help the individual much. What does help: We should learn again to listen to our body and recognize the signals. And one thing is for sure: our Trimedea colloids cannot do any harm or be overdosed. Colloids stay in the body for a long time (days and weeks) and are excreted when the body no longer needs or can use them.

Depending on the personal situation, one should take brain-active metals at the beginning to reach a certain level. Then all processes controlled by the brain will run more effectively again.

In addition, individual symptoms and complaints can be taken into account: e.g. pain, wounds, inflammations, microbial imbalances, psychological imbalances, repair processes, blood formation, immune system … For this, one considers what is most important now and what is further down the priority list.

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