Trimedea Product Videos

H2 Pur: Molecular hydrogen against oxidative stress. H2 Pur – molecular hydrogen – the smallest molecule can perform true miracles in the body. It increases energy formation and thus performance.

Corals for health? Find out here why Sango Pur is the optimal basic supply for your body and which minerals it contains.


What is dextrorotatory lactic acid RMS L+ and why is it so important for healthy intestinal flora?


A microporous volcanic stone for internal cleansing and natural detoxification: this is how zeolite takes on a variety of tasks and functions in our metabolism.

This video is also available with subtitles as a text version on YouTube.

Basics, functions and applications of zeolite:


Zeolite and bioavailable silicon dioxide in individual composition – for effective and natural cleansing processes and as a bioavailable silicon source: Find out how it works here


Silicon dioxide for effective detoxification and elimination of harmful substances


Pineal Gland

Activation & Regeneration

To activate and increase creativity, intuition and perception

Special set


Osteoporosis & Wound Healing

Biological special programmes:
Bone loss processes are clearly related to the issue of self-worth and self-esteem collapse


Water activation, water energization and the generation of hexagonal water structures with UMH technology, which has been tried and tested for more than 25 years:


Supply your flat or your entire house with high-quality energized water. The UMH Master was specially developed for connection to the main water pipe. The device, made of special brass, is equipped with a special gemstone composition.

UMH Live

From connection to the common tap to combination with table-top filter to use in a travel set: with UMH LIVE, UMH offers a device with unique versatility. Made of special brass, the device has a pyramid-shaped cut rock crystal set into it.