Can a pregnant woman or my child take this or that?

We often hear questions like: “Can a pregnant woman or my child take this or that product?”. Our answer is usually: “f the pregnant woman or child is made of cells and has a brain with nerve cells – then yes.” What sounds harsh is actually the only sensible advice: listen to yourself, because only you know best what is good for you.

But with the question many people associate the thought: “Who is responsible if something happens?” When different products are taken or therapy equipment is used and “something” happens, there is always the question of who is responsible and may bear / have to bear liability. This is how it works in a system where everything has to be “insured”.

For risks and side effects, ask – only yourself!

The dose makes the poison: The dosage, i.e. the amount taken or applied, determines whether a substance is beneficial to health or can be harmful or even fatal. When we as FGS recommend products, we are talking about products based on natural substances and ingredients – which grow and thrive naturally in nature. Our statement in no way refers to pharmaceutical, synthetic or other artificially produced and modified products/substances.

Who bears responsibility for their own thought processes, thoughts and decisions?

We bear 100% of the responsibility for our thinking and, visibly and audibly, our behaviour. We make a decision and are fully responsible for the consequences – in case of success (reaching the goal) or failure (missing the goal). Other people, experts, therapists or doctors are welcome to advise us and give their point of view and since it is well known that there are many different views and perspectives, it makes sense to listen to different recommendations and opinions. The focus should be on gathering information at the beginning, so that we can then evaluate the information and make our own decisions based on inner conviction.

If you regularly listen to what so-called experts say, you will very often have to change your decisions by up to 180 degrees in the course of time. And with the variety of expert opinions, he will only become more confused and a plaything of other (foreign) interests!

We used to be the experts in researching and trying things out ourselves

Our ancestors had a very simple method to determine whether an unknown plant/fruit was edible and helpful or not. They first smelled it, possibly put a tiny piece in their mouth, spat it in and waited to see if there were any reactions. If there were no negative reactions, the amount was slowly increased further and checked again if there were any negative sensations or phenomena.
The next stage: swallowing a tiny amount and again observing and listening to my own inner sensors. A remedy that is good for me can cause big problems for another person. That is why every person has their own sensors and sensory organs with which they can find out what is good for themselves.

Whether something was taken internally or applied externally, the procedure was always the same for unknown substances: approach carefully and wait for the inner answers of the sensors.

Health cannot be calculated

Why do we ask so-called “experts” today who may never have tried the remedies or products, but have studied mathematics and statistics? Mathematical methods can be used to calculate standard deviations, which are then imposed on all people as recommendations. So it happens that 90% of the people who try a drug have side effects and the doctor’s answer is: “But that is extremely rare and according to the study, only 23% of people your age have a 53.9% chance of having side effects of this kind.” Does that mean anything to us now?

If we think naturally and bio-logically again, we will also act that way!

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