Energy converter between matter and energy/information

In the previous articles we have touched on the special properties of silica. Now we look at its ability to receive, transmit and store information and frequencies. Silicon dioxide (SIO2) is therefore simultaneously a receiver, store and transmitter of information. With the right production technology, silicon dioxide can be “programmed” so that the SiO2 particles can permanently release natural and constructive vibration patterns and thus information into the body and thus the body water.

Transmutation of unnatural and stressful frequencies

From an energetic point of view, silicon has the same frequency basis as the water in our cells. Does the earth’s crust just happen to consist of 70 % silicon? In nature everything is based on energy, vibration and information, we can observe this and feel it with all our sense organs.

For decades, UMH has proven in the field of water activation and water energization in numerous measurement protocols that silicon can also transmute unnatural vibration and frequency patterns. Many years of research enable a multi-stage energization process that is related to superconductivity, special light information as well as the alignment of the geometric structure of the silicon. In addition, the principles of Dr. Lakhovsky are integrated into the energization process. The silicon treated in this way for UMH Energy products and ZEOLISIL receives a higher energy level than before and has a permanently stable and strong regeneration potential.

Negative frequencies caused by environmental pollution such as electro smog, WLAN, ELF waves (HAARP), geopathic interference zones, etc. are absorbed by the silicon particles, probed, ordered and re-emitted in a perfect, healing structure. There is no physical extinction of the harmful frequencies, but a transmutation of them. This has been proven in many test reports. Non-biological and harmful vibration patterns are not only neutralized, but transformed into positive ones, i.e. the technically generated left-polar waves are transformed into well-tolerated right-polar ones.

The consequences:

    • The cells can once again oscillate in the normal biorhythm
    • The original harmony in the cell plasma is restored
    • Vitalization and regeneration of the energy fields in the organs takes place
    • The tolerance of HF (high frequency) fields increases/strong>
    • The balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system (vagus) is improved

What is transmutation?

In the material world, transmutation stands for the transformation of e.g. one metal into another metal, in the energetic sense it is the transformation of “negative and destructive” vibrational patterns into positive and constructive vibrational patterns.

See UMH Heat measurement protocols and the patent application for transmutation by Russian scientists.

The enhanced unique properties of silicon dioxide:

  • Microporous surface for binding and excreting pollutants and heavy metals
  • Ion exchange: silicon is released while pollutants are bound
  • Silicon as master element for stability and structure formation
  • Acts via adsorption and as a catalyst
  • Can convert pressure and light impulses in the body into voltage/current flow
  • Energetic detoxification of body, mind and soul
  • Transmutation of unnatural vibration patterns into natural and constructive vibration patterns
  • Neutralization of harmful information

Silicon increases flexibility, elasticity, tensile strength, dynamics and reduces brittleness, calcification and statics – on a physical level and on a spiritual-energetic level

On an atomic level, everything is vibration

Even an orange that we eat (from coarse to fine) consists of: pulp -> water –> cells –> molecules –> and these ultimately of atoms that vibrate.

This means: We take in a mixture of information and frequencies (the orange), which brings many different qualities of frequencies, energies and information into the body. This mental bridge should help us to understand that the energy and frequencies can be natural, positive and uplifting for us. But unfortunately they can also achieve the opposite – with unnatural, negative and destructive vibrational patterns that constantly affect us.

With natural and uplifting vibration patterns to more energy

Every day we programme ourselves with what we eat, drink, hear, see (TV, radio, internet etc.). And above all, we programme ourselves with our thinking. Our behaviour is formed from our thinking – visible and audible to others in the sense of cause and effect. Instead of the many courses offered and the numerous tips on how we can or should change our behaviour, it would be more bio-logical to deal with our thinking.

Our own thoughts, which are constantly circling around in our heads: We should observe ourselves thinking more often, we would realize “what malicious or bad thoughts” we can have. More on this in Bio-logical Communication (German only.

Defining many small and larger realistic and achievable goals for yourself every day is the first step towards more success, satisfaction, motivation and feelings of happiness. In this way, we can reduce the negative information that frightens, paralyses and drains our energy every day step by step (a little more every day) and use it for meaningful and useful ideas, tasks or new projects. For us, success is defined as the achievement of goals! When we start to define realistic goals that we can achieve every day, we experience the spiral of success and happiness, a little more every day.

Which silicon compound for which function?

  • Colloidal silicon: Immediately bioavailable silicon with particle sizes of 1 to 20 nm for silicon metabolism and as a catalyst for elementary metabolic processes

  • Zeolite powder: For binding and eliminating harmful substances, for ion exchange (to supply minerals to the body) and for the supply of colloidal silicon dioxide

  • Silicon dioxide: Quantitative element for structure formation, binding and excretion of pollutants (especially aluminium), as an energy transformer (piezo- and photoelectric properties) as well as transmutation of unnatural vibration patterns into natural and constructive vibration patterns (cell and body water, cell communication)

Basics, functions and applications of zeolite:

This video is also available with subtitles as a text version on YouTube.