Okinawa Sango Sea Coral: in optimal bioavailability, UMH & SET activated and optimally protected in a violet glass container

The original Okinawa Sango Sea Coral Sango Pur from Trimedea is a pure natural product, perfectly bioavailable and therefore optimal for our cells and their diverse tasks and metabolic activities


As one of approximately 2,500 different coral species, only the Okinawa Sango coral has unique filter and purity qualities. In combination with a technically very complex process for reduction and energization, we can offer the smallest particle size available, which is 500 % smaller than most coral preparations on the market. A particle size of 8 micrometres instead of 40 to 50 micrometres is unique and the prerequisite for optimal bioavailability, receptivity and utilization in our cells.


Benefits of Sango Sea Coral from Okinawa

  • Contains more than 70 of the 81 stable elements of our earth
  • Naturally optimal mixing ratio of the elements
  • Sustainable mining of millennia-old sango corals from Okinawa (no overexploitation!)
  • 100 % natural, without any additives, free of radioactive elements
  • Optimal bioavailability due to ultra-fine particle size
  • 500 % smaller particles than other sango coral preparations
  • Best possible protection in violet glass
  • Additional activation and energization with UMH and SET technology

Recommended dosage

Adults (weight: from 50 kg)
Up to 3 x daily 1 level teaspoon of 3 g each
Children (weight 10-50 kg)
Up to 2 x daily 1/2 level teaspoon of 1.5 g
Infants (weight: 2-10 kg)
Up to 2 x daily 1/2 level espresso spoon à 0.5 g

Intake: Take in the morning and evening before meals (30-60 min) or alternatively in the evening before going to bed. Please use a plastic or wooden spoon – no metal! Zeolith Pur can be used permanently.

Please drink enough good and pure drinking water so that the bound pollutants can be transported out of the body. Good, commercially available drinking waters are e.g. the brands Lauretana, Plose and Black Forest. In the long run, cheaper and with water activation & energization is an osmosis water filter system such as AQUNA Osmose Light.


Origin of Sango Sea Coral

Sango sea coral is fossilized coral millions of years old from Okinawa (Japan), the island of the centenarians. When harvesting, only fossil parts are taken that have already detached from the coral reefs and are harvested directly from the seabed at a depth of 50 m under the supervision of the Japanese environmental authority. The white gold of the sea is then technically processed and, in the case of our product, reduced to a particle size of 8 μm.

Bioavailability: The finer and smaller the particles, the more effective they are

Most preparations on the market have a particle size of 40 to 50 μm. Our 500 % finer powder with 8 μm can be absorbed much better in the body, which significantly improves bioavailability. The manufacturing process to produce even smaller particles is technically more complex and cost-intensive.

Unique variety of chemical elements

We have exactly 81 stable elements on our earth. More than 70 elements are contained in the Sango Sea Coral from Okinawa in an almost perfect and bioavailable ratio for us humans. The daily intake represents an optimal basic supply of all important and necessary building substances, such as minerals, trace elements and ultra-trace elements for our 60-100 trillion cells. The basis of a well-functioning metabolism is the availability of all necessary building blocks at the right time, in the right place and in the right quantity.

Broadening the perspective: diversity instead of simplicity

What good is the intake of a lot of calcium to strengthen the bones if strontium, lithium and other substances urgently needed for bone metabolism are missing in the diet? Being happy, enjoying happiness and experiencing contentment becomes difficult to impossible without sufficient amounts of lithium. This is because lithium is the basis for the production of happiness hormones. Gold has been proven to increase our brain power and IQ by 20%, among the many other effects in our organism.

Every element, even in the smallest quantities, fulfils important functions in our metabolism, regardless of the “current” level of knowledge of nutritionists (ecotrophology) or what they believe. If we are honest, we know next to nothing about the perfect interplay of all these elements. Of an estimated 75,000 enzymes in the body, about 3,000 are currently analysed, which is just 5%!

Sango Pur – from nature, for our inner nature, pure and unpolluted

From our point of view, all elements found on earth are essential. And if we look at the distribution of quantities, we have with the Sango sea coral a remedy that has been proven for thousands of years as food or as a food supplement. You can get Sango Pur in our webshop Trimedea in two sizes for your personal needs.

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