Notes, advice and recommendations on the use of H2 Pur Molecular Hydrogen (effervescent tablets)

In order for the effect of molecular hydrogen to unfold properly, please follow our instructions for use and dosage.

With H2 Pur you get 30 tablets in a practical and stylish violet glass container. Please always keep the tablets in this packaging to protect them from light and moisture. Besides pure drinking water, you can also take the tablets dissolved in tea or diluted fruit juices (non-carbonated). As soon as the tablet starts to dissolve in the water, molecular water is produced as a gas, which is first present dissolved in the liquid and then escapes relatively quickly.

The following ways of intake are possible:

General note: Since the hydrogen produced in water (or tea, coffee, diluted fruit juice) quickly evaporates as a gas, the concentration in the water becomes lower and lower the longer it stands. The more hydrogen is released or enters the body, the more effectively it can exert its effects (see point 3).

  • 1. Dissolve one tablet completely in a glass with 200-300 ml of water, and drink the water immediately after the tablet has dissolved.
  • 2. Place one tablet in a glass with 200-300 ml of water and drink the water before the tablet is completely dissolved. Keep the last sip with the rest of the tablet in your mouth and wait until the tablet is completely dissolved and then swallow the rest of the water.
  • 3. Take a sip of water and put 1 tablet in your mouth. Always swallow part of the water and take another sip of water so that the tablet can dissolve completely. With this variant, almost no hydrogen is lost outside the body and the released hydrogen can be used completely in the body.
  • 4. Water with dissolved hydrogen can also be applied externally to the skin (face, décolleté, skin problem areas, already closed wounds for wound healing, etc.). If you dissolve the tablet in water (as described under 1) and drink only ⅔ of the water, you can use the rest for external application.


Recommended dosage

Adults (weight: from 50 kg)
Dissolve 1 tablet in water/liquid up to 2 x daily and drink directly
Children (weight 10-50 kg)
Dissolve 1 tablet in water/liquid up to 1 x daily and drink directly
infants (weight: 2-10 kg)
Up to 1 x daily dissolve 1/2 tablet in water/liquid and drink directly

Interactions with medicines or food supplements are not known. When taking CDS chlorine dioxide, please follow the instructions for taking CDS!

Can be taken at any time during the day:

  • Immediately before increased performance or concentration is needed
  • At the beginning of developing headaches
  • At the beginning of various complaints or pain conditions

Please drink enough good and pure drinking water! Good, commercially available drinking waters are e.g. the brands Lauretana, Plose and Black Forest. In the long run cheaper and with water activation & energization is a water filter system (currentless) like UMH Hexagon.


H2 Studies: Here you will find an interesting source with many studies on the topic of molecular hydrogen (English) – Link