Does monoatomic gold have any advantages over colloidal gold?

Ever since the US farmer David Radius Hudson discovered and researched a mysterious white powder on his farmland in the 1970s, monoatomic gold has been written about again and again. Various ancient sources also report on a very special gold with diverse and unique properties.

The legendary material can be found under various names and synonyms in the literature and research: Monoatomic Gold, Monogold, ORME (Orbitally Rearanged Monoatomic Elemental forms), Manna, Ormus Gold, M-STATE Gold or Monoatomic Gold Elixir.

Monoatomic gold is said to have many effects:

  • Activates the pineal gland / the 3rd eye
  • Increases brain metabolism and IQ
  • Promotes creativity, problem-solving and stress reduction
  • Relieves various nervous disorders, anxiety, drug addiction, depression, burnout, gloominess
  • Helps against rheumatic symptoms, arthritis, arthrosis, gout, muscle, joint and limb pain and heart complaints
  • Regulates the hormonal system, improves sleep patterns
  • Reduces hot flushes and menopausal symptoms
  • Helps with male potency problems
  • Accelerates the detoxification and elimination of lead
  • Reduces energetic blockages caused by scars
  • Optimizes general repair processes
  • Helps against chronic fatigue / lack of vitality, disturbance of self-confidence
  • Accelerates spiritual development and increases consciousness

If you read through the list of effects, it becomes clear: these are more or less the same effects that are also mentioned for colloidal gold.

Not analysable, very expensive, with the same effects as true colloidal gold

To this day, monoatomic gold does not seem to be detectable and analysable with current analytical methods. We do not want to go further into the extensive reports, speculations, ideas or thought models regarding monoatomic gold, manna or ORME at this point. Because for us, simple and bio-logical questions arise:


  1. Monoatomic gold cannot be analysed and confirmed in a product study, whereas colloidal gold has the same effects and actions attributed to it in the body. It is significantly cheaper, plus measurable and analysable – so why buy monoatomic gold instead of true colloidal gold?
  2. If nature can convert existing metallic gold into monoatomic gold itself and this conversion process also takes place in living beings, why don’t we supply the body with less expensive colloidal gold?

Advantages of true colloids

True colloidal gold (colloids = floating smallest particles in a dispersion) has the same atomic properties as gold. It is very small (second smallest unit after the atom), is present as pure metal (99.99 %), without compounds with other elements and is therefore the optimal raw material for monoatomic gold.

Note: Ionic gold, i.e. electrolytically produced gold, whether with 9 volts or 5000 volts, has nothing to do with colloidal gold according to the definition, as no colloids are produced, but an ionic solution!

Kolliodales Gold für das Gehirn

It is becoming increasingly clear to us that many of the ancient and historical reports, traditions and sources must be critically questioned. For the manipulations, especially in relation to history, science, medicine, physics, but also esotericism, etc., began much earlier than most people can imagine.


What are colloidal metals?

Genuine colloidal metals are very fine metal particles that float in water without forming a bond with the water. In contrast to ionic metal solutions that are produced in the electrolysis process. The size of the individual particles is between 1 and 20 nanometres (1 nm = one billionth of a metre). Depending on the process, how the particles are produced has a considerable influence on the properties and quality (electrolysis or high-voltage plasma process).

Manufactured in high-voltage plasma process

From our point of view, the complex high-voltage plasma process with 10,000 volts is the best process for the production of true colloidal metals. This is because only this high-quality technology achieves the best possible quality of colloids when used correctly. Smallest particle size, highest energy content, long shelf life, suspended state – without known side effects when used as recommended. It is more effective, more energetic, more durable and has the highest bioavailability. It does not form compounds with other substances, does not lead to deposits and is overdose-free.