State of science: Water as an information carrier

Through modern water research, a completely new picture of the role of water in nature and in the human body is emerging. The unique effects of energized water can be traced back to its hexagonal and crystalline structures. The change of the normal water clusters to hexagonal water structures (six water molecules form one structure) are the special feature of the UMH activation method.

“Water has a memory like an elephant”: This was the finding of the world-renowned physicist Dr Wolfgang Ludwig. He worked intensively on spectroscopic measurements to determine water quality. Currently, Prof. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington and the Korean flow researcher Dr. Mu Shik Jhon are among the recognized capacities in water research. Professor Dr. Bernd Kröplin from the Institute of Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures (ISD) at the University of Stuttgart also belonged to this circle until his death in early 2019.

There are various methods for activating and vitalizing water that have been investigated and proven in renowned universities and research institutes using scientifically recognized measuring methods.

Sub-areas of the processes for water activation and vitalization:

  1. Water turbulence according to Schauberger
  2. Deletion of pollutant information
  3. Changing cluster structures towards hexagonal water
  4. Re-“programming” natural information and vibration patterns on water molecules

Some important statements, findings and results of modern water research:

Scientifically confirmed: Energized water works

A team of natural scientists led by Prof. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington was able to prove this: Energized – “hexagonal” – water acts like healing water due to its structure and can help with many health problems. Energized water harmonizes biological processes – not only in the human body, but also in animals and plants.

The best natural source of EZ (Exclusion Zone) water is glacier water. According to Pollack, apart from fruit juicing, no process is known to produce larger quantities of EZ water. According to Pollack’s research, the decisive step in water treatment is still missing. Chemical purity, as achieved through filtration, is a first step. But in fact, his research suggests that in a second step, the pure water can be structurally rearranged and transformed into hexagonal EZ water.

So far, Pollack has only been able to prove a small effect for turbulence. However, he sees irradiation with sunlight or infrared light as equally effective. So putting water in a carafe in the sun actually already has a chemically verifiable effect and is not just esoteric practice. EM ceramics or stones in water also have such an effect, as EZ water forms on their surfaces. Perhaps, Pollack says, he will also look into a way to produce pure EZ water from tap water in the future. For the moment, however, the focus at the University of Washington is on research into the biological effect, which reveals new, fascinating findings almost daily.

The UV spectra measured by Prof. Pollack in EZ water are identical to the water samples of UMH-energised water examined by Dr. Ludwig. This confirms the theory of the hexagonal crystalline water structure of Dr. Ludwig and the related investigations of Prof. Pollack.

Hexagonal water structures

The unique effects of energized water can be traced back to its hexagonal and crystalline structures.

Hexagonal water as a fourth state of matter

A fourth state of water has been discovered at the University of Washington, which could explain not only chemical anomalies but also the effect of energized water. In addition to solid, liquid and gaseous, the researchers were able to identify a fourth state. In this the molecules of liquid water arrange themselves into a hexagonal “crystal lattice”. This state, called “EZ-water”, shows some amazing properties that could turn our image of water upside down and solve many long-standing mysteries.

Hexagonal water promotes metabolic efficiency

There is also evidence that hexagonal water activates enzymes – to a greater extent than ordinary water – and improves metabolic efficiency. In his book “The Water Puzzle”, Dr Jhon explains why hexagonal water is energetically stronger and why it has the capacity to improve metabolic efficiency. According to him, hexagonal water has the capacity to do more work and transfer a greater amount of energy in the body.

Effects of singlet oxygen energy on water molecules

The activation of water by the released relaxation energy of singlet oxygen leads to:

  1. a change in the infrared absorption bands
  2. an increase in β-glucosidase activity in the soil
  3. a significant difference in the time course of the phase transition between liquid water and ice (freezing behaviour).
Water activated with singlet oxygen energy leads to significantly better root growth

At the Institute for Agricultural and Urban Ecological Projects at the Humboldt University in Berlin, activated water produced with SET technology was found to significantly improve adventitious root formation in mung beans.

Inhaled activated water molecules of humidity lead to measurable effects on the autonomic nervous system.

Hexagonal water immediately absorbable

The smaller the molecular clusters, the easier it is for the water to penetrate the cells. The size of the cluster molecule can be measured using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology. The lower the NMR values, the smaller the clusters. Hexagonal water has a fixed NMR value of only 42.3 Hz*. Normal tap water, RO and distilled water have values around 128 Hz, while mineral water is between 90 and 100 Hz.

*National Tsing Hua University, Report No. 0203001 from GMC, 28 March 2002

Water has a kind of "memory" that can store and pass on information

Unfortunately, water can store and transmit not only positive but also negative information, e.g. that of pollutants. Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig was able to prove in his water analyses that water still contained their electromagnetic vibrations even after the pollutants had been removed. So it is not the chemical substances that affect the human organism, but the harmful electromagnetic frequencies of the pollutants.

Even positive and negative feelings, thoughts, encouraging or debilitating words influence the water structure. The Japanese water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto proved this with impressive crystal pictures.

Many German universities are researching the secret of water revitalization

In addition to research in universities, thousands of private households and businesses now use water revitalization technology. One reason for this is the soft, fresh taste of the water. In addition, water revitalization devices reduce the formation of limescale and rust. Revitalized water also forms hexagonal (six-sided) molecular structures.

Renowned Korean fluidic researcher Dr Mu Shik Jhon recently found that hexagonal water has a higher energy state. And thus it appears to be the key to rapid hydration, improved energy transport, DNA stability and increased metabolic processes. Likewise, vitalized water has a strengthening effect on the immune system because it is dextrorotatory. This energy movement serves to build and maintain form and matter. Thus, water vitalization activates life-sustaining energy. Plants also thrive better and are less susceptible to pests when they are watered with revitalized water.  Source:

A deep insight into the nature of water

Water reacts sensitively to external influences and stores information in nature – and in us. Water communicates over distances. Fascinating droplet images bear witness to this, in which these memory phenomena are recorded for everyone to see.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin and his team have uncovered these secrets. Reproducible experiments with fascinating images give a deep insight into how mobile radio, ultrasound, music, oscillation therapies and thought forces work. A completely new picture of the role of water in nature and in the human body. “In our water research, we keep it with Albert Einstein: ‘The more we research, the more we recognize a creative plan. God does not play dice'”, Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin and Regine C. Henschel.

Our knowledge is one drop

According to Kröplin, water has the property of storing information. He describes the progress of science around water: “At the Institute for Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures at the University of Stuttgart, we have been researching information transfer in water for several years. Originally, this field emerged from the efforts to develop a ‘simple space medicine’ for the astronauts on board. With that, they can take care of themselves on a bioenergetic treatment basis for minor health problems. In the process, we noticed that weak field effects, which cannot be detected with conventional measuring methods, can be imaged in water and observed and documented under the microscope. The method has been applied not only to natural waters but also to body waters (saliva, urine, blood) and has led to its own branch of research. There are now over 10,000 images in our water database.”

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