The development of the IQ Balancer: How it all started

by Silko Günzel

Part 4 of our seried: Learning in your sleep

From the age of 12, I read a lot of science fiction books and absorbed everything that had to do with electronics, technology and physics. The first more intensive contact with the topic of superlearning and effective language learning made me very curious to dive deeper into the matter around consciousness, subconsciousness and new learning methods. Shortly after intensively studying superlearning, i.e. the fast and relaxed learning of any content and especially languages, I heard about Dr. Patrick Flanagan for the first time. Fascinated by his life story, his research drive and his developments, I immediately bought the version of the Neurophone (formerly Thinkman) that was available at the time.

About the names Neurophone / Thinkman

Flanagan had not protected his former name Thinkman as a brand name, so a German businessman developed his own devices and had this name trademarked. It was and is obvious that Flanagan, with his existing devices and concrete electronic circuits, was the source of ideas for this. Since Flanagan could no longer use his own name Thinkman, the future devices were sold under the name Neurophone.

First experiences with Superlearning in combination with the Neurophone

My own positive experience with the Superlearning method reached an even higher level with the simultaneous use of the Flanagan technology. With this, learning content could also be absorbed during sleep – and I could enjoy my well-deserved sleep.

The acceleration of learning with the Superlearning method was stated to be a factor of 4 – so you should only need a quarter of the normal learning time. With the additional use of the ultrasound learning method, one could even achieve a tenfold acceleration. Whereby the way of learning was completely new: relaxed, without “memorising” or “cramming”. The absorption of learning content during a relaxed brain state (alpha state) was one of the causes of faster learning. In addition, the learning content was prepared in a “brain-friendly” way, just as Mother Nature does, and last but not least, the information (inaudible) took the direct route via the skin to the sacculus (organ of equilibrium in the inner ear) and from there to the deeper areas of the long-term memory and subconscious.

Some replicas of the Neurophone from other suppliers were equipped with more technical gadgets and nice-sounding marketing claims, but they did not achieve the effectiveness of the original Flanagan devices.

Nature is our model

The biological, physiological and technical backgrounds were all understandable and comprehensible, only there was always something about the devices available on the market that was “imperfect” for me in their application and use. For many years I was busy with other device and software developments in the field of naturopathy. Until the current change of times brought the subject back into the light.

For some years now, the greatest challenges have included spiritual further development, detachment from the old destructive system and regaining one’s own creativity, freedom and independence in the sense of self-responsible thinking (cause) and acting (effect).

IQ Balancer: new development according to bio-logical criteria

The Neurophone NF3 was the impetus to develop a completely new device with further ideas of our own. With all the functions that make sense and are necessary, without gimmicks and with a focus on exploiting the full potential. The special analogue ultrasound signal is the basis for the profound effects and effects of the IQ Balancer (Edition SEIDU is technically identical) on the body and mind. The ultrasound signals are transmitted directly to the skin via two transducers, from where the natural and biocompatible signals reach the sacculus, a small organ in the area of the inner ear. From the sacculus, the signals are transmitted to all areas of the brain, consciousness and subconscious.

IQ Balancer

External audio signals or learning content modulated as an audio file (.wav or .mp3) on the ultrasound signal can then be perceived without the ears conducting the sound to the inner ear. The ultrasound signal is in the range of 40-50 kHz, i.e. 45,000 to 50,000 Hz (vibrations per second). Depending on our age, we can perceive sound frequencies of up to 16,000 Hz (adults) or 20,000 Hz (children) through our ears. However, other tissues and receptors in the body can perceive and process ultrasound signals.

Analogue generated signals have a more profound effect on our body and mind – especially on the subconscious – than digitally generated signals. This becomes clear with a look at nature and biology. From a purely technical point of view, both signals can be almost identical, but the effects on the organism differ considerably. For this reason, we generate the important basic and carrier signal (ultrasound 40-50 kHz) in the IQ Balancer in an analogue way, as Flanagan already did, because we do not want to and cannot compromise on biocompatibility.

How do our brain frequencies change during different physical activities?

Resonance, bioresonance and biofeedback

All our organs and cells vibrate in a specific frequency and vibration range. In the IQ Balancer, a bio-feedback mechanism has been integrated that continuously modulates and minimally changes the ultrasound signal with the body’s own vibrations, creating real bio-resonance effects and biofeedback.

Organs and cells in harmony vibrate differently than tissues, organs or cells in disharmony. Since everything is energy and vibration and our metabolism (chemical reactions) is controlled by a higher physical level, disharmonious processes can be transformed into harmony through specific vibrations, frequencies and information. Missing frequencies and vibrations (broadband pink noise) are offered to the overall system (body, mind and soul) so that they can be integrated based on simple physical resonance principles. With these specific vibrations, acupuncture points, energy centres or chakras can also be directly activated and brought into balance. Countless holistic testing and diagnostic procedures show these effects after only 15–20 minutes.

The IQ Balancer tunnel effect

The shortest path of information through the skin directly into the subconscious: This is the tunnel effect. All normal transport paths – i.e. the paths on which information reaches the consciousness with its filters as audible sound waves via the ears and bone conduction – are bypassed = tunnelled. The messages, signals and information reach the subconscious directly through the skin via the shortest and fastest path past the mind.

Pink noise: broadband noise with frequencies from 1 to 20,000 Hz

In the IQ Balancer, on the one hand, the ultrasound base and carrier signal are present and, in addition, a broadband signal with pink noise that generates the entire spectrum of frequencies up to 20,000 Hz simultaneously. This pink noise signal can be directed to the skin together with the ultrasound signal, which further increases and improves the biological effects on the body. When using the device, everyone can try out for themselves whether only the ultrasound signal or the ultrasound signal with pink noise has a better effect on their own organism.

Externally recorded audio content such as meditation programmes, affirmations, suggestions, learning content, language courses or the unique audio programmes of SEIDU can be modulated on the basic ultrasound signal or on the combined signal (ultrasound + pink noise).
We generally recommend using uncompressed audio signals such as wav files, as compressed signals (mp3) do not transmit the full audio spectrum.

The sounders can also be used and tested in many ways for physical imbalances. Pain, inflammation, swelling, gastrointestinal discomfort, scars, wounds or other physical symptoms that indicate imbalance can lead to biological improvement through the ultrasound signal or in combination with the pink noise. The transducers are simply placed on the affected areas so that there is good skin contact. No exact statements or promises can be made here, as each person reacts individually, and imbalances can have many causes.

In the next article, you will learn everything about the technical functions and areas of application of the IQ Balancer.