Restore: Regeneration of intestine and intestinal mucosa, improvement of the microbiome and immune function

The function of the small and large intestine has very fundamental effects on our well-being, health and performance. We have 10 x more microorganisms in the small intestine than we have cells. These approximately 600 trillion microorganisms have the important task of breaking down our food into its basic elements and deciding what stays in the body and what is eliminated as “waste”.

The performance of these diverse specialists (5000 different species are estimated to live in the small intestine) depends largely on the quality of what we eat and drink. Like a compost heap in the garden, the microorganisms multiply their performance in a very short time if they get the right natural and biological food. Or they are “paralysed” and “blocked” when the chemical cudgel comes.

Restore was designed to provide our microorganisms with biologically pure and natural “power food” and thus make them more efficient. In the long term (2-4 months), this can normalize a disturbed intestinal function and regenerate a damaged mucosa of the small intestine.

  • Optimization of intestinal flora / microbiome
  • Regeneration of intestinal mucosa
  • Stimulation of immune functions
  • Better regulation of blood pressure
  • Reduction of excessive inflammatory reactions

With Restore the microorganisms get biologically pure and natural “power food” – with the result that in the long term (2-4 months) a disturbed intestinal function can normalize and also a damaged small intestine mucosa begins to regenerate. In addition to improving the intestinal flora/microbiome, this also has a direct effect on the function of our immune cells. It would be helpful if we follow the laws of nature and our food is also as free as possible from harmful substances and not “refined” by industry. Only in this way can we provide our body with the substances and basic elements that are necessary for optimal functioning.

If we do not eat, think and behave bio-logically, nature will give us more and more clues. The longer we ignore these, the more painful it can become. We can actively support our approximately 600 trillion microorganisms as our friends and helpers to break down our food optimally so that the basic elements can be used by the body in metabolism, in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place.


Restore Powerfutter für unsere Darmbakterien

Our opinion on Restore

Restore allows for medium and long-term fundamental improvements in various symptoms and disorders. Regeneration and repair processes take time, therefore realistic goals regarding success are important. Unrealistic goals or wishful thinking lead too quickly to demotivation, frustration and into a negative spiral.

The longer the intake (at least 2 months, better 4 months), the more fundamentally the body can repair and regenerate – which ultimately benefits every function in the body.

Restore - Darm, Mikrobiom, Immunsystem


  • 1 sachet, either put directly into the mouth or stir into water and drink.
  • Take before or after a meal, depending on sensitivity and sensation
  • 1 package contains 15 sachets with 30 ml each
  • Take one sachet or ½ sachet daily or every 2 days
  • Can also be sucked frozen as “ice cream” (e.g. as application for children)
  • We recommend taking in the evening before dinner, so that the repair and regeneration processes can run optimally at night

Package content: 15 bags of 30ml

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of small children.


Restore - Darmfunktion - Mikrobiom - Immunsystem

About the company ROOT 

At the heart of the ROOT range for us are the three products. Clean Slate for holistic detoxification of the body, Zero-In for improved brain function and a quick energy boost, and Restore to support and regenerate intestinal health and the immune system. We tested all three, here are our assessments of three ROOT products in detail.

ROOT is a Nashville-based health and wellness company that aims to get to the „root“ of health issues. ROOT’s products are non-GMO, organic, primarily vegan and gluten-free. A special feature is its proprietary manufacturing processes, some of which are patented. With the natural solutions, customers should be able to take their health and happiness into their own hands.

ROOT was founded on the core values of simplicity, authenticity, integrity and education. The company aims to inspire customers to improve their lives through a deeper knowledge of natural wellness and simple, yet effective whole-body health solutions. Read more about the origin story and its founders here.

All ingredients are carefully and conscientiously selected. Each ingredient is tested before and after processing to ensure that toxin-free and pure substances are used. The effectiveness and effect of products in this field depends mainly on the treatment and processing of the ingredients. And on the correct quantity composition, which is usually a „trade secret“. ROOT cooperates with international supplier companies, which offer high quality ingredients from nature and guarantee the best quality.