Clean Slate from ROOT: Removes toxins from the body – effectively and systemically

Recently, we have often been made aware of the detox product Clean Slate from the US company ROOT by partners and customers. We have tested it and can say: We are very impressed and also surprised about the in depth and systemic effect.

Clean Slate Is designed to safely and effectively enhance the whole body’s natural ability to eliminate environmental toxins and heavy metals. Its advantages:

  • It improves the dissolving, binding and removal of pollutants, heavy metal compounds, vaccine additives and many other substances that are harmful to health.
  • The contained silicon dioxide is important for detoxification, as well as an important element with multiple functions in the body
  • It regulates excessive inflammatory reactions

Accumulated waste throughout the body is eliminated in the long term, depending on the physical resources. Clean Slate is therefore pure detox: it reduces the depositions and pollution in the body of heavy metal compounds, vaccine additives, environmental toxins, glyphosate, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other environmental toxins from connective tissue, fatty tissue, muscle tissue, nerve tissue and bone tissue.

Clean Slate manufacturing process

Very fine and good zeolite powders have particle sizes in the range 3-10 μm, but often zeolite products are offered with particle sizes from 30 to 90 μm, which are significantly less effective due to the significantly lower active surface / exchange area. A special and also unique manufacturing process of Clean Slate produces extremely small particles in the range of 6 to 99 nm (nanometers), which is 0.006 to 0.099 μm.

How can such small Clean Slate particles be produced? 
The Siliziumdioxid from original zeolite is treated with water so that it absorbs like a sponge. A subsequent cryogenic treatment causes the water in the fine pores of the particles to freeze abruptly, expanding and thus breaking the particles  into many smaller pieces. Subsequently, about 400 degrees Celsium hot water / steam is added where the ice still in the zeolite pores, suddenly becomes gaseous and consequently expands. This expansion again turns one zeolite particle into many even smaller particles. This process of “watering, shock freezing and heating” the particles can be repeated several times  to finally achieve finer and finer silicon dioxide particle sizes, which are tested to be in the range of 6 – 99nm. In addition, the particles are polarized in the manufacturing process, in principle charged with an energetic charge (negative charge), so that these particles can bind and eliminate pollutants and heavy compounds like a magnet. With the very small particles the active surface increases very much, so that the Clean Slate binding and eliminating capacities are clearly higher than with zeolite in powder form or other zeolite in liquid form.

The silicon dioxide and zeolite is titled by Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht and Elena Hecht-Savoley as a “miracle cure” and plays an important role in the entire metabolism. Silicon dioxide has a special crystal structure, geometry and characteristics, which are also of particular importance for the formation of energy (heart muscle, connective and supporting tissue, etc.). Heart muscles use the silicon and its piezoelectric characteristics (conversion of pressure impulses into electrical voltage) for energy formation & energy transformation. The more bioavailable silicon in the body, the more and more effective the energy formation in the cells!

Clean Slate original consists of 97% clinoptilolite and 3% bentonite. The addition of a special sea salt with about 70 elements and vitamin C complete the special formulation of the product. With this silicon dioxide in liquid form, areas in the body are reached that could not be reached with zeolite powder.

Our opinion about Clean Slate

With Clean Slate, the effects in the body in the longer term are remarkable in terms of binding and elimination of a wide variety of pollutants. Unique is the special manufacturing process (patented), which allows using silicon dioxide in liquid form. The special liquid form of application has a systemic effect, not only in the intestines, but in the entire body and into the brain, which is a great advantage compared to powder.

The longer the intake (at least 2 months, better 4 months), the more the “trash” in our body, accumulated over a long period of time, can be eliminated.

It is important to mention that a gradual dosage is always useful in detox and elimination procedures in order to avoid too strong initial reactions. These can occur especially with detox procedures if our body is not prepared for the amount of “waste” that is to be eliminated.

Clean Slate von ROOT


  • Drip directly from the pipette into the mouth or mix with a sip of water
  • Start with 1-2 drops 2x daily
  • Slowly increase to 3-4 drops 2x daily
  • Increase the amount to 10 drops 2x daily
  • We recommend taking it in the evening before going to bed so that the repair and detoxification processes can run optimally overnight. Distance to drugs 1-2 hours (depending on the mechanism of drug)

Content: 30ml, equivalent to about 600 drops. The recommended daily dose of 20 drops should not be exceeded.

*Your body is the most sensitive measuring instrument you have, use it! Listen and feel into your body and change the dosage if necessary.

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of small children.

Basic notes for detox and cleansing treatments

If initial reactions are too intense and unpleasant in sensitive people, you should either halve the dosage for 1-2 days and then slowly increase it again. Or stop completely for 1-2 days and then start again with a lower dose (half the dose of the previous intake). During mobilization, activation and elimination, care should be taken to drink sufficient amounts of pure drinking water. Tap water and mineral water usually do not have the necessary quality and purity for this. Recommended drinking waters are e.g. Plose, Lauretana or Black Forest, so that our body can also eliminate the harmful substances and metabolic waste products. Osmosis water filters with subsequent water activation are in the long run the much cheaper and better solution, and the eternal lugging of bottles/boxes is unnecessary.

About the company ROOT

At the heart of the ROOT range are the three products. Clean Slate for holistic detoxification of the body, Zero-In for improved brain function and a quick energy boost, and Restore to support and regenerate intestinal health and the immune system. We tested all three, here are our assessments of three ROOT products in detail.

ROOT is a Nashville-based health and wellness company that aims to get to the “root” of health issues. ROOT’s products are non-GMO, organic, primarily vegan and gluten-free. A special feature is its proprietary manufacturing processes, some of which are patented. With the natural solutions, customers should be able to take their health and happiness into their own hands.

ROOT was founded on the core values of simplicity, authenticity, integrity and education. The company aims to inspire customers to improve their lives through a deeper knowledge of natural wellness and simple, yet effective whole-body health solutions. Read more about the origin story and its founders here.

All ingredients are carefully and conscientiously selected. Each ingredient is tested before and after processing to ensure that toxin-free and pure substances are used. The effectiveness and effect of products in this field depends mainly on the treatment and processing of the ingredients. And on the correct quantity composition, which is usually a “trade secret”. ROOT cooperates with international supplier companies, which offer high quality ingredients from nature and guarantee the best quality.